Julia volkova and lena katina dating

Besides, the guys have to refresh the songs that the group didn t performed for a long time and included in the program for the concerts in Estonia and Latvia Show Me Love and How Soon Is Now .

A little bit breathless, but almost on time, Yulia and Lena, hurryingly almost run into the near by studio where s Courtney Love have her rehearsal.

The girls sing for 2 hours and something, and the musicians even more. Yulia Volkova, a singer from group Tatu, has decided to enroll at the State University of Management (SUM) to study producing. The fans there are so active, that we came to there at the autumn visit, they overlapped the airports. Julia: I understood that in age of 19 I don't ready yet to be a mother. I thought why I should kill my own baby, if god gave me the chance to be a mother. And it was difficult even to imagine that I would sit home with a baby. After the birth I was with the daughter for only 3 months, and then took of to America for half a year. I woke up today, and she stands in the hallway, reaching out her hands to me and saying: "Mama"... But along with that came a huge reputation as difficult-to-handle divas - remember the fiasco in Japan, where they stalked off one of the biggest live music programmes in the country, and cancelled a showcase in Tokyo? Volkova, who has managed to reach world-wide popularity and give birth to a baby by 20 years old, has decided to seriously take control of her career, and not rely on unpredictable producers. Everybody, probably, were scared, or didn't understand. We are different, we doing slightly different things. We did it without a producer, all the ideas were my and Lena's. Julia: We always were ourselves, and did what we wanted to do. People were saying that we intentionally kissed on the stage. I can kiss Lena even right now, just because I want to. Or even without drinking (laughs), this is emotions! I'm very emotional person; I have so many plans for the future! Imagine it, I coming back and I already have grown up child! It's such feeling, like you don't need anything more. Fast-forward to present day, when the girls have emerged after two years of living out of the limelight. Lena s now a psychology student in University, while Julia s fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a mother with a one-year baby girl. She was also attracted to the opportunity to be taught by foreign professionals, such as Bel Brown producer of Boy George, who was especially invited to the SUM to lecture on "The structure of foreign show business". T.u went and grabbed awards at the NRJ radio awards in Helsinki. I had been abroad and when I came back my friend came to me crying. I was mad at her untill I realized that friendship is more important than boys. Julia: Me and Lena, what we want most of all, is to bring our creativity to the listeners. And when I see "Nochonoy Dozor", I feel that the stars participating there because they don't know how else to grab people's attention. I don't know, in what kind of movie I would like to appear. Then all of Lena s luggage ended up getting lost in Europe, and the poor girl had no clothes to wear! Kroonika, 4 April 2006, Tallinn, Estonia Gays are still thankful to us, say the members of scandalous girl duo t. Lena (21) and Yulia (21) are different as black and a white dog [reference to a popular Polish cartoon movie rem. Lena takes life peacefully, spends time with her relatives and friends and reads books. Julia: Yes, of course, because every language have its own special energy. I love to sing in English to too, although I don't really like this language. After this, Yulia Volkova plans to take part in an intern program at one of the Western music-recording companies, which is offered by the management of the facility to make sure of successful management of Tatu in the West. We got a moment and decided to squeeze the girl s sins out of them even by force if necessary. With the first album we rode over the whole country. But they soldiered on despite the troubles, eager to disprove their diva reputation to media from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore at the press conference. Yulia, on the contrary, is not afraid of everything if there is a party, then there is hell of a party and this happens often. When we just started to sing, there were doubts will we make it? T.u, more desire to make people think about the world we live in, about what surrounds us. There's some collectives that doing their concert, and walk different ways, but we have very warm relationship. We watch movies together, hanging out, sing karaoke First of all - they our friends. I didn't study it well at school I was coloring my eyelashes during the lessons The most important in knowing foreign language is practice.

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